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At last, you have the power to offer a Fortune 500-type benefits program for employees and their families working for your small or medium-size business.


How important could this be for your success when unemployment is at a historic low level and employees are free to choose who benefits from their abilities?


Thanks to the collaboration between CSA, Mercer and UnitedHealthcare® you now have an exclusive, members-only solution to meet the unique insurance needs of you and your employees: CSA Health Plans.

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CSA Health Plans is a bona fide pre-rule industry-based AHP. An AHP is a health plan offered by a group of employers within an association. Being an AHP allows our member companies to band together to manage and purchase coverages typically enjoyed by larger companies.









4 KEY WAYS you and your employees benefit from CSA Health Plans:


For You:

  1. Medical, dental, vision and life plans built specifically for small to medium-size companies
  2. One-stop plan administration and issue resolution
  3. Reduced administrative costs
  4. Access to Mercer’s Multiple Employer Solutions, which makes benefits-buying easy for our members and their employees.


For your employees:

  1. Potentially lower premiums
  2. More coverage options
  3. Advocates dedicated to them
  4. Access to UnitedHealthcare’s largest preferred provider organization networks


To get started learning about the plans, please click the button above, right.


You can take advantage of Mercer’s web-based onboarding process to answer key questions such as which benefits are available, your cost, and how to roll out benefits to your employees.


Using the onboarding solution, you can do the following:


  1. Learn about the multiple cost-saving Fortune 500 product suite, including medical, dental, vision and life plans.
  2. Request a quote for the tailored benefits to offer your employees.
  3. Review quotes and purchase competitive benefit plans from UnitedHealthcare.
  4. Select plan designs with access to employee contributions tools to help develop acceptable net costs for you and them.


In addition to getting clear explanations of the available benefits, employees can use the site for guided shopping tools to select the most appropriate plans and benefits to fit their families’ unique needs.


Answers about the program, including eligibility, options, customer service and more.
  • What Is CSA Health Plans?

    CSA Health Plans is a bona fide pre-rule industry-based AHP. Being an AHP allows member companies to band together to manage and purchase coverages typically enjoyed by larger  companies — and at a manageable price.

  • What Is an AHP?

    An AHP is an Association Health Plan offered by a group of employers within an association.

  • Who Is Eligible to Participate in These Plans?

    All attested CSA members may participate if they have the required number of eligible employees. Plans not available to member employers in all states. Currently available only to member employers headquartered in AL, GA, MS, or OK.

  • Who Will Operate the Plans?

    CSA Health Plans will be operated by the plan’s Governing Committee made up of mostly small and medium-size companies. This committee will manage CSA’s fully insured medical, dental, vision and life plans with the support of Mercer and UnitedHealthcare.

  • What Will the Plan Cost Me?

    The CSA Health Plans may save you on your annual health insurance costs. The amount you elect is based on your businesses’ unique situation and your employees’ needs. The benefits to your employees remain the same regardless of how much you wish to contribute. You also can feel confident that to keep your costs down, as well as the cost to your employees, Mercer and UnitedHealthcare constantly monitor health care trends to take advantage of the latest innovations.

  • What Employee Coverage Will Be Available?

    You will be able to offer your employees Medical, Dental, Vision and Life insurance. To explore the plans, click above on each product.

  • Do I Need to Offer All Plans or Can I Choose Which Ones?

    You can elect the plans that make the most sense to you and your employees.

  • How Many Employees Do I Need to Have?

    You can take advantage of CSA Health Plans with as little as 2 employees. To avoid adverse risk selection, the ideal number of employees is 5–50. At least 50% of your eligible employees must enroll.

  • Who Underwrites This Coverage?

    Coverage is underwritten by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company and its affiliates. UnitedHealthcare also maintains fiduciary responsibility.

  • Who Is Mercer?

    With more than 65 years of experience, Mercer creates and manages insurance programs for some of the largest, most prestigious associations, including affinity, alumni, health care, education, unions, military, professional occupations and other membership organizations. Mercer-designed and -administered programs encompass customer service, marketing, program management, carrier relations and implementation. Through Mercer, clients can meet the challenges and complexities of today’s evolving market.

  • How Do I Roll Out These Plans to My Employees?

    Click the GET A QUOTE FOR YOUR BUSINESS button above or contact your broker. Enter your company’s employee census and other required documents for UnitedHealthcare to underwrite coverage. Within 5 business days, Mercer will notify you when your customized quote is available, known as the preliminary quote. After you accept your quote, you will be notified when your employees can sign up for coverage through Mercer’s secure web-based platform. CSA will work with you to assist with onboarding.

  • Can I Offer CSA Health Plans in Addition to Existing Health Insurance?

    The CSA Health Plans offering is required to be an exclusive product offering.

  • How Long Are My Rates Guaranteed?

    When benefits go into effect, rates are set through their 12-month plan year.

  • What if I am Not the Employer, But an Employee of a Member Organization?

    As an employee, you should contact your HR department for access to benefits information.

Insurance coverage provided by or through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or its affiliates. Currently available only to member employers headquartered in AL, GA, MS, or OK. All licensed and appointed agents with UnitedHealthcare have the ability to sell the CSA Health Plan offerings through an open-distribution model.

Situs in Georgia.